An old drawing

A few years ago I took a photo of the liberty bell and didn't realize until later that someone was walking behind it and it looked as though the bell had legs. My imagination started and a drew some sketches of where the liberty bell would go if she had legs. 

iPhone Frames

My coworkers and I always struggle to draw iPhone frames on a white board that won't erase when we want to change whats on the screen. We've made prototypes that were too permanent (black electrical tape leaves a residue, oops) and too flimsy (paper cut outs of frames that rip apart when erased).

I recently started hunting for some frames that are stick-able to the whiteboard but also removable. I couldn't find anything within a reasonable price range, so I made my own. Finding printable window clings proved difficult, but the internet is a magical place. After purchasing a 5 pack of 8.5 x 11" sheets for $12, I experimented with the sizing to fit that frame, the correct way to load the printer, and voila!

Side note: Water will make the film sticky and peel off, so don't get the frames wet, but you can write on them with dry erase marker.